Embracing happiness

I now really understand happiness is not something you find. There is no such as I have found my happy place, or I am just happy surrounded by this person, or doing this job/activity, it is a big lie to me, a fantasy. The real power is in feeling happy no matter where I am.
Happiness is inside of me. Not in places or other people, or things. I create happiness. I am having a close encounter with real happiness right now, just sitting alone in my place, drinking tea and listening to the glorious sound of rain.
However, to be honest, the thought of I will wake up whatever time I feel like to tomorrow, and only because I would love to hike the rain forest to find a wonderful waterfall, helps a little. Ah! Maybe after that, I will try one of the various amazing coffee shops I haven’t been yet around here, oh yeah!! Happiness is not in places or things. Wow!! How easy I can get distracted by illusions.
Therefore, I have decided my happiness will never depend on other people, places, things,…

Microorganisms: the beginning of the cycle

Microorganisms are microscopic organisms that can be found anywhere in the world, they can be unicellular or multicellular. We commonly know them as bacteria, yeast and mold, last two from the Fungi kingdom.
Not all bacteria or mold are harmful, as a matter of fact life originated from bacteria. Therefore microorganisms are the very basis of life and probably the final answer to our health and environmental quest. 
Thousands or actually millions of healthy microorganisms proliferate in nature, inside of all kind of forest in the planet. Most of this organisms are still unknown, the tiny portion we have discovered and studied have brought amazing benefits to science.
Nowadays microorganisms are one of the main subjects to be reviewed and applied in permaculture, agro ecology, human health and multiple areas of study. Beneficial microorganisms found in forest have been named MM or mountain microorganisms.
They grow all around but prefer decomposing environments, e.g. under leaves or trunk…

Permaculture: awakening to the reality

According to Bill Mollison Permaculture is a system of design to create sustainable human environments. The word refers to permanent agriculture and culture. He believes that culture cannot survive for much time without a sustainable agricultural base and an ethical use of soil.
Mollison explains in his book “Introduction to the Permaculture” that this practice includes plants, animals, buildings and natural resources as soil, water, energy. However, Permaculture is not about the elements, it is about the relationships that we can create between them, and how we locate each of them in our scenery.
From my own perspective and experience permaculture has been an awakening to the reality and has become my life style. Once I started recycling, reusing, composting, growing my own food in a natural way, living a simple and sharing these with family/friends I started to experiment a magical life changing experience.
Now, most of my daily decisions go around Permaculture concept. After a little…

Prayer of love & freedom

Let my first entry in this blog be a prayer of love and freedom. I hope to bring light into the life of every single reader through my thoughts and life experiences. I am unable to write an introduction as subjects included will be as diverse as nature itself. 
I would like to prevent extreme religious or conservative persons, better not to keep on reading, unless you wish to step out of darkness and wildly free your soul. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy!
Prayer of love & freedom Never again I will be afraid to:
Get lost
Be myself I will: Provide for myself
Get dirty
Keep it simple
Always answer with love
Show I care I am:
Worthy Capable 
I compromised to follow: My feelings
Read the signs
Honor nature I will always be:
Respectful Every day of my life I will love:
Unconditionally Every leaving creature
I belive in: Me You Love Hope