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Embracing happiness

I now really understand happiness is not something you find. There is no such as I have found my happy place, or I am just happy surrounded by this person, or doing this job/activity, it is a big lie to me, a fantasy. The real power is in feeling happy no matter where I am.
Happiness is inside of me. Not in places or other people, or things. I create happiness. I am having a close encounter with real happiness right now, just sitting alone in my place, drinking tea and listening to the glorious sound of rain.
However, to be honest, the thought of I will wake up whatever time I feel like to tomorrow, and only because I would love to hike the rain forest to find a wonderful waterfall, helps a little. Ah! Maybe after that, I will try one of the various amazing coffee shops I haven’t been yet around here, oh yeah!! Happiness is not in places or things. Wow!! How easy I can get distracted by illusions.
Therefore, I have decided my happiness will never depend on other people, places, things,…

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